Epic’s Expertise


Epic’s Expertise

Epic Engineering Areas of Expertise:

Process experience

  • Robotics: Collaborative robots that integrate into your process.
  • Cannabis: Water supply/management control systems, data tracking, automatic extraction and infusion.
  • Mechanical design and fabrication for machine upgrades and new.
  • Biotech: product measuring, sterilization, assembly, and packaging
  • Solar: Web processing, vacuum coating
  • Plastics: Extrusion, laminating, slitting, injection molding
  • Steel: Finishing, rolling mill, slitting, processing
  • Water/Wastewater: process monitoring and control
  • Paper: Pulp, corrugating, converting, printing
  • Building materials: concrete pavers and blocks, clay bricks
  • Crane controls
  • Back up generator control

Motion Control

  • Robotics
  • Servos and stepper systems, stand alone and multi axis systems.
  • HMI touch screens for operator input.
  • Pick and place, gantry positioning, rotary tables
  • Cut to length, Rotary cutter knife
  • Web control, unwind and rewind with diameter compensation
  • Tension controls with load cells
  • Position control with vision, dancers, or analog sensors.

AC and DC drives

  • AC drives used in vector, sensor-less vector, or volts/hertz mode.
  • Retrofit old DC systems with AC systems.
  • Retrofit old large DC drives and MG sets with newer DC drives.
  • AC/DC drives for web processing and controlling tension and speed.
  • Networking all drives to work in synchronized system.

Industrial Vision Systems

  • Inspection
  • Gauging
  • Guidance
  • Identification


  • All PLC and HMI software
  • Visual basic an C
  • Serial communication for PC’s and PLC’s.
  • Data logging and business integration

Project management

  • Planning
  • Implementation

Control panel shop

  • Assemble and wire electrical controls enclosure/panel.
  • Machine design and fabrication
  • Schematics
  • Installation